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Dave Taylor - ReMax 100

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Customize Your Horse Property

There are many properties in Jefferson County that are zoned for horses, but are not “horse ready”. 

I have investors that will buy these properties and do the work you want done to make them the ideal horse property for you at a price you can afford. I get contacted by these investors at another website I own;

The house may need work and/or an addition, but more importantly many buyers do not have the funds after down payment and closing costs to tackle things like:

  • Fencing that can handle a horse
  • A barn or open stall
  • An area for tack and feed
  • Watering concerns
  • A place to load and store a trailer 

Contact me and let me know where you want to live and we’ll come up with a plan together to reach your goal.

David Taylor - ReMax 100

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