Horse Friendly Trails

Colorado has a staggering amount of horse friendly trails. Most people who come here from other parts of the country marvel at their breathtaking beauty. We are very fortunate! However, some trails are not meant for the equestrian rider. Knowing the difference is important. Loose rock, narrow trails on a steep ridge, boulders, impassable water, too many bicycles, dogs and other nuisances and/or hazards can ruin your outing. Learn before you trailer.

Rather than reinventing the wheel – I am providing a link from an individual who has put in the intensive time and effort to educate us all on trails across the front range and deeper into the mountains. I will pay for the online version of this fabulous resource for anyone who registers on my IDX search page for horse property in Jefferson County. AND will provide hard copies of any or all books you want as a closing gift as my client.

If you are interested in a membership for the horse trails, then please contact me at 303-726-0488.
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Please allow me to introduce Janie Von Waldburg:

My name is Janie and I love getting out and hitting the trail. Before your go, know what to expect, where to park and how to plan for a safe and enjoyable ride.  Please check out my website to get trailhead information, parking details and suggested routes with mileage, difficulty and a guided picture narration of the trail as ridden. Be aware of potential obstacles and challenges and pick trails easy and safe for all riders.  Join me and my Morgan wonder-horse Sam and ride along on our adventures.

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