About David Taylor the Realtor

Who is David Taylor?

David is a second-generation Realtor and learned that ethics come first – from his WWII veteran father who used to say: “Buy land, they aren’t making any more of it”.

Owning Land

With owning the land comes responsibility. On a cattle farm, also comes hard work. And you need to trust and take care of, your equipment. Sometimes your “equipment” is your horse and the gear it needs to do its job.

Hard Working

He grew up realizing that harvesting and negotiating 80 pound bales of hay all day, in 95 degree heat, was just something you didn’t complain about. And when it was 25 below zero the horses and cattle appreciated your efforts, come feeding time. Well…. The horses seemed to anyway.


Before David became a Realtor.

For a time in his twenties David was an investigative journalist. So, he asks questions. Now he wants to know what you want, in your next home. Or why you bought and now want to sell your existing property. Allow him to get to work on your behalf. And have fun in the process.

David has been a licensed agent, as long as the Rockies have been around. The baseball team….that is. He vended in the stands during the Rockies inaugural season to make money while going to Real Estate school. You know….before you could do it on line.

He will work diligently to find your Colorado dream or sell your horse property to someone who will treasure it as much as you did.